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Does turboDial Support Keap?

The Infusionsoft company has rebranded to Keap and Infusionsoft is now a Keap product: Infusionsoft is now referred to as “Infusionsoft by Keap.”
Keap and Keap Pro are light versions of Infusionsoft by Keap and are accessed via a redesigned user interface.

If you properly install and authorize the turboDial Linker Browser Extension then the green turboDial asterisk will appear on Contacts in KEAP.

However, there is some turboDial functionality lost when you use Keap or Keap Pro, including the following:

  • Opportunities are not available – as a result Opportunity Saved Searches are not available to turboDial
  • Note-type custom fields are not available – without Note custom fields turboDial cannot Record Calls or save Call Outcomes. In addition, turboDial cannot access Note record custom fields to save additional details about each call. Also, any Reports about calls that use Note record custom fields as part of the filter criteria will not be possible.

Because of the issues described above, you will not have access to all the benefits and features of turboDial if you’re using Keap or Keap Pro.

If you want access to all turboDial has to offer, please consider using turboDial with Infusionsoft by Keap instead of Keap or Keap Pro.

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