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Call Note Custom Fields

turboDial creates a Note for every outbound call and attaches it to the contact record. If you have the Enhanced Inbound add-on then turboDial also creates a Note for every inbound call where the Caller ID number can be found in an existing contact record.

turboDial also creates a Note for every SMS text message sent and received, and one of the fields below is filled for either calls or text messages.

If you have added the 6 custom fields found below into your Infusionsoft account then turboDial will fill them at the time the Note is created.

These custom fields must be added at Infusionsoft->Admin->Settings page of your Infusionsoft account in the Task/Appt/Note context. And they must be named exactly as shown here (capitalization is critical):

  • Duration
    • (field type = ‘Whole Number’)
    • The approximate duration in seconds for the call. This value is usually 10-20 seconds longer than the actual talk time of the call because it also counts the time to connect.
  • Call Recording
    • (field type = ‘Website’)
    • The clickable link URL of the call recording that was created with the phone call. This custom field is required to exist before the Call Recording feature is functional.
  • Leave Message Recording
    • (field type = ‘Website’)
    • The clickable link URL of the recording you instructed turboDial to leave as a message on their answering machine
  • Call Outcome
    • (field type = ‘Dropdown’)
    • The values you provide for the Dropdown field will be picked up and offered to you on the Call Outcome selector in turboDial.
    • Here are some example Call Outcome values:
      • Delivered quote (follow up)
        Agreed to get a quote (follow up)
        Not ready now (follow up)
        Agreed to buy (follow up)
        Not interested
        Did not reach them
    • You should develop your own set of Call Outcome values that will help you track your phone call campaigns.
  • Start Time
    • (field type = ‘Text’)
    • The start time for the call formatted to enable sorting
  • Inbound Number
    • (field type = ‘Text’)
    • For SMS text messages that arrive inbound, turboDial will fill this field with the inbound number the message was sent to.
    • If you have the Enhanced Inbound add-on, then for phone calls that arrive inbound turboDial will fill this field with the inbound number the call was placed to.
  • Keyword Triggers
    • (field type = ‘Text’)
    • See the guide section on Automation Triggered for SMS Keywords
    • When turboDial detects a keyword in an inbound SMS and triggers automation, the detected keyword will be filled in to this field in the note record associated with the inbound SMS.
  • List ID
    • (field type = ‘Text’)
    • For call attempts with Power Dial or Dynamic Dial this field will be filled in with the Infusionsoft Saved Search/Report List ID number, which can be used to associate the call  attempt to a specific list.
      The List ID for a Saved Search or Saved Report can be found in the browser address bar of the window that opens when you choose to “Rename” a list. In the address bar the ID will be the number following  “filterId=”.

Add some or all of those 6 custom fields in the Task/Appt/Note portion of your Infusionsoft account using the exact names and field types provided above, and turboDial will automatically fill them with each Note created when calls and text messages are made or received.

All of the above fields also apply to inbound calls if you have the Enhanced Inbound feature, except for the “Leave Message Recording” field.

Demo Video: Setup Call Note Custom Fields

Note, the fields you will set up are not Contact custom fields. Watch the video carefully.

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