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Chrome Pop Up Blocker Issues

A recent Google Chrome update indicates they’re taking a much more aggressive policy on when to allow popups.

Because of that, if you see the below error message when launching turboDial, please follow all of the below instructions:

turboDial was unable to launch. Please find instructions for allowing the turboDial popup at this page: http://tlinks.me/popup

If so, it’s related to an issue with Chrome not remembering which sites you allowed popups for, or because you never allowed popups from sites mentioned below.

The current way to resolve this is as follows:

1. Go to your Chrome pop up manager:chrome://settings/content/popups

2. Add the below URLs to your “Allow” list, replacing “ABC123” with your Infusionsoft app name:

3. Close turboDial before proceeding.

4. Launch turboDial by clicking the the turboDial asterisk in the upper righthand part of your address bar then clicking the “Launch turboDial” link:

5. If you see the blocked pop-up icon (shown below), click it and allow turboDial pop-ups, then try launching turboDial again.

Pop-up blocked
Blocked pop-up icon

6. Launch turboDial from toolbar asterisk, then click an asterisk next to an Infusionsoft Contact. turboDial should then set itself to that Contact’s information.

If the above steps don’t work for you, please email us at support@turbodial.biz and include a video of following these steps and it not working, if possible.

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