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Recording Outbound Calls

All About Recording Outbound Calls

turboDial includes the capability to record your phones calls. To record a call you must begin the call by pressing the Record button immediately adjacent to the Call button. The recording begins when the call connects – the ringing part of the call is not recorded.

The Record button is the green bulls-eye immediately to the right of the Call button:

Record Button

If you begin your call by clicking the Call button instead it is not possible to begin recording the call after it has started.

When you finish your recorded call a link to the recording will be saved in the Call Note for this call on the Contact Record. The “Call Recording” link on the call note can be used to playback or download the recording.

Required: Custom Field

Note: The Call Recording feature requires the “Call Recording” custom field in the Task/Appt/Note context of your Keap account. Please see the Guides & Videos topic “Enhanced Call Notes with Custom Fields” for instructions on installing this field in your Keap account.

Legal Requirements

Please be aware of your local legal requirements since they vary from region to region. In some areas you are required to inform all parties on the call that the call is being recorded.

Call Notes for Recorded Outbound Calls

turboDial automatically creates a Note record with every call and attaches it to the Contact Record. If the call is recorded then the Note record is updated at the end of the call to include information about the call recording:

  • The Note title will include “- Recorded”
  • The Call Recording custom field will be filled in with the URL of the recording that was created during the call. You can use that field as a link to playback or download the recording as a .wav file.

Call Notes for Calls placed on HOLD or PARK
The above Note record updates also occur when you place a recorded call on HOLD or PARK. In addition, when you take a recorded call off HOLD or PARK a new recording of the call will begin and at the end of that call a new Note record is created with a special title:

turboDial: Resume Call off Hold – Recorded

Playback A Recording

You can playback a recording using the Call Recording custom field on the Note created for that call and attached to the Contact Record. Click the blue arrow on the right side of the Call Recording field on the custom fields tab for the Note Record.

Blue Recording Playback arrow

A new page will open with recording playback controls:

Playback a Recording

Click the right-arrow to playback the recording.  If the Delete button is present then you can use it to delete the recording.

Download A Recording

If you right-click with your mouse on the playback bar your browser will give you an option to download the recording.

Download a recording

Recording All Calls

You can force all outbound calls to be recorded using the “Global Options” settings. Those tools are accessed using the red pencil button next to your email ID in the header of the turboDial panel. Only an account owner will see the red pencil; it is not available to other Users who are not account owners.

Report Showing Recorded Calls

You can create an Admin  Task Note Report in Keap that shows your recorded calls. Set the Custom Fields tab on your report filter as shown in this example:

Storage of Your Call Recordings

Your recordings are stored by Twilio in your Twilio account. The Call Recording Link is a link to the Twilio stored recording. See the Pricing page for information about the cost of long-term storage of your recordings.

The cost for storing recordings in Twilio can become expensive once you have a lot of recordings stored. Because of that, turboDial came up with a way for your to transfer call recordings from Twilio to your Keap Contacts’ File Boxes. If you are interested in learning more about that, please click here.

If you are the account owner, you can also find a list of your Call Recordings in your turboDial Management Account. When you open the “View Call Recordings” link on that page you can right-click to download any individual recording listed there.

For information on Recorded Call Reports, see Call Recording Reports .