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Does turboDial support background noise cancelling?

Use a headset to cancel background noise

There are different types of Noise and therefore different types of noise cancellation.

Most cases, turboDial users reports for noise cancellation are related to Background Sounds. 

Background sounds are sounds in the proximity of a user who is talking on a call. Technically, background sounds are not “noise” and cannot be mitigated by headsets with noise cancellation technology.

These background sounds can only be detected and blocked by headsets with background sound blocking capabilities. Nothing in the network can discern that the background sounds are unwanted.  Neither Twilio nor turboDial can block those sounds.

To see the list of headsets we recommend with background noise cancelling click here

Use a software utility to cancel background noise

If background noise cancelling is important for when you make calls, Krisp offers a solution to block out noise and isolate just your voice.

You can download Krisp here. Once installed, you need to set the microphone and speaker to the headset you use with turboDial. For this example, I’ll set it to a Plantronics Headset.

In turboDial, you set your microphone as Krisp. It also works if you set the microphone in turboDial as your headsets microphone.

When you are on a call, turn on the “Remove Noise” under “Microphone” and make sure that Krisp indicates that it is being used as the same browser you use turboDial with.

Here’s a demo of turboDial running with Krisp on the background