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Twilio: A2P Messaging (SMS) Warning from Twilio

Q: What should you do if you see this warning in your Twilio console?

A: To address this warning you must follow Twilio’s instructions here.

If your turboDial account operates in your primary Twilio console then no support from the turboDial team is needed. If, however, your turboDial account operates in a sub-account in Twilio for which you do not have access, then you will need to move your turboDial Account to operate in your Primary Twilio Account for which you have full access.  You can do that in your turboDial Management Account so that you have the control needed to perform operations in your Twilio account.

Also, as part of your Messaging Service setup you must allow your phone numbers used with turboDial to have a different configuration for incoming messages while they are part of the same messaging service.
Refer to Twilio’s guidance (See Step 2) on how to accomplish that. The following image shows your Messaging Service should be configured for “Defer to sender’s webhook”, on the “Integration” page

Configure Messaging Service
Messaging Service Configuration must specify “Defer to Sender’s Webhook”

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