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Recording Inbound Calls

Inbound & Outbound Recording is Different

Recording Inbound calls is accomplished differently than for Outbound calls. With Outbound calls you can decide at the time of placing the call if you want to record the call. But with Inbound calls you must decide when you setup the Inbound phone number if you want inbound calls to that number to be recorded.

Recording for Inbound calls requires the Hosted Voice upgrade (or just the Enhanced Inbound add-on).

The specific steps to configure an Inbound number to record calls are explained in the video found in the Overview of Enhanced Inbound section. Only the turboDial primary or secondary account owners will have access to these configuration steps.

Call Notes for Recorded Inbound Calls

If you have the Enhanced Inbound add-on then turboDial automatically creates a Note record with every inbound call and if the Contact is found in Infusionsoft turboDial attaches the Note to the Contact Record.

If you have enabled the Global Option to “Add Missing Contact on Calls&SMS?” then a Contact will be created if necessary.

If no Contact is found the Note record is still created but it will not be attached to a Contact record. Your Task Note Reports that filter for Inbound calls in Infusionsoft will still include this Note record even though it is not assigned to a Contact.

The Note record will always be assigned ownership to the User the Inbound Number is assigned to.

If the inbound call is recorded then the Note record is updated at the end of the call to include information about the call recording:

  • The Note title will include “- Recorded”
  • The Call Recording custom field will be filled in with the URL of the recording that was created during the call. You can use that field as a link to playback or download the recording as a .wav file.

Call Notes for Calls placed on HOLD or PARK
The above Note record updates also occur when you place a recorded call on HOLD or PARK. In addition, when you take a recorded call off HOLD or PARK a new recording of the call will begin and at the end of that call a new Note record is created with a special title:

turboDial: Resume Call off Hold – Recorded

Call Reports

For information on Recorded Call Reports, see Call Recording Reports .

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