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Enhanced Inbound for your Existing Phone Service

The Enhanced Inbound features are only available for calls that pass through turboDial – that is, calls made to an inbound number you have acquired using turboDial.

So, what can you do if you want to add Enhanced Inbound features to calls that arrive on your existing business phone line associated with service you have from another telephony provider? There are two basic options:

    • Forwarding
  • Porting

If you are able to setup forwarding with your current telephony service provider then you can forward that existing number to a number you have acquired in turboDial. And you would use the Enhanced Inbound features to configure your turboDial number to ring one or more destinations in your business, including:

  • turboDial softphones
  • Other numbers from your current telephony provider
  • Personal/Business mobile phones

With this configuration the calls to your public number will pass through turboDial by way of forwarding, and in that way be enabled with the Enhanced Inbound capabilities.Caution: Be careful to not setup a “circular” forwarding. Since a number acquired in turboDial must be forwarded to a destination you could accidentally set a phone line to forward to your turboDial number and set your turboDial number to forward back to that original phone line. The result would be an inability to receive phone calls.

Be sure to test this configuration thoroughly when you set it up so you can be confident your calls are working as you expect.


In the above scenario, you could port your existing business phone number to Twilio, and then have the number moved into your turboDial account where you can configure it using the tools built in to turboDial.

See this page for the Twilio porting process.

Once the numbers are in Twilio you should immediately proceed to this page in your turboDial Management Account: