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Incompatibility with some VOIP Services

Some VOIP services are known to cause turboDial’s Simultaneous Ringing feature to malfunction if one or more of the numbers you configure to be rung are associated with one of these services.

These services immediately signal back to turboDial that a phone call has been answered even though the line is still ringing. This improper signalling causes the other numbers you’ve configured in your turboDial Simultaneous Ringing group to ring and immediately stop ringing, or never ring.

The services that have shown this problems are:

  • RingCentral numbers
  • Twilio numbers
  • Google numbers

Be aware that other VOIP services may likely have a similar problem.

You should not configure your turboDial Simultaneous Ringing feature to ring phone numbers associated with these services.  Always test your Simultaneous Ringing configuration to ensure it functions as you intend.