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Keap Call-Tracking Reports with turboDial

The purpose of Call-tracking reports is to help you direct your marketing investment to the activities that bring the best results. Call-tracking is a method of attributing inbound calls to specific marketing programs.   When you have Call-tracking reports you can continually improve your marketing results based upon the data those reports provide.

The Hosted Voice upgrade in turboDial produces a Keap Note Record for every Inbound call, and that information allows you to produce Call-tracking reports from the data stored in Keap. Phone numbers can be easily and inexpensively acquired (see Acquiring Inbound Numbers), so that you can create unique Inbound telephone numbers for each of your marketing activities.

Twilio has published a useful blog article on how to use acquired phone numbers in marketing: Call Attribution. The following is an excerpt:

While your ad spend across search, social, display ads, and other channels might be generating phone calls, you won’t know how each ad source is performing because you can’t measure the effect of different variables within each channel.

With call tracking, a number programmed to forward all calls to the business—instead of the business’ actual phone number—is displayed in an ad. This programmable phone number maintains an easily accessible store of metadata on each call such as caller ID, timestamp, call duration, and more. By only displaying this number on a particular campaign, ad, or impression, you can accurately measure its ability to generate calls.

Report and Dashboard Training

There are several resources that you will need to be familiar with to produce Call-tracking reports.  Please familiarize yourself with these before proceeding.

  1. The first step is to become familiar with Keap Dashboard reports – see Keap’s Support Documents.
  2. The next step is to learn how to create Keap reports from turboDial Note Records and how to create turboDial Dashboard statistical summaries – see Dashboard Reports. The video under Reports About Calls shows detailed steps to create reports and statistics.
  3. Finally, learn specifically about Keap reports for Inbound Calls – see the section on Inbound Dashboard Reports.

The mechanics to produce reports for your Keap Dashboard are explained in the previously mentioned links.

Once you have learned to create reports about your Inbound calls you can proceed to build specialized reports that focus on the specific inbound phone numbers that you are using in your ads that contain phone numbers.

Triggering Automation with Inbound Calls

As mentioned above, a fundamental technique for Call Tracking is to acquire and assign a unique Inbound Number for each lead source you want to track. Then you can arrange to document that lead source on the contact record using a tag or some other method. Applying those tags can be accomplished using automation you setup in Campaign Builder, and that automation can be triggered by turboDial when an Inbound Call arrives. This support guide section explains how to trigger automation with Inbound Calls

Once you’ve documented the lead source on the contact record you can proceed to create reports that will guide your marketing strategy and reveal your most valuable sources.