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Set Contact Owner to Most Recent Call Note Owner

When your reps are calling Contacts, there might be cases where they need to automatically set themselves a Contact’s owner, even if that Contact is already owned by someone else. We have a utility that can do that.

  • REMEMBER: a Contact’s owner and the Call Note owner for Call Notes on that Contact are not necessarily the same user.

For a given Contact record, the utility sets the Call Note owner for the most recent inbound or outbound Call Note as the Contact’s owner.

You’ll need to setup a campaign that runs an HTTP POST configured as follows:

POST URLhttp://turbodial.biz/tf/Utilities/SetContactOwner.php

Name / Value Pairs:
keyyour turboDial account encrypted key

Below is an example of a working HTTP POST setup to use this utility:

Once done, you need a way to have contacts automatically added to the sequence that runs the HTTP POST: You need an entry point to the sequence.

Common ways to do that are by using Call Outcome Automation or tags. After you’ve setup an entry point into the sequence, publish the campaign then test.

Optional: Include “turboDial: Notes” when finding most recent Call Note

turboDial: Notes are note records created when a typed note and/or Call Outcome are saved for a Contact in turboDial when there was no recent call by this user with that Contact.

Scenario: If a call is warm transferred to a second user the Call Note record for that call is owned by the first user who originally made or received the call prior to transferring it. If the second user who receives the warm transferred call then saves a typed note or Call Outcome for that Contact then that new note record will be titled “turboDial: Notes” and that note record owner will be the second user who the call was transferred to.

If in that scenario you want to change the Contact record owner to be the second user who saved the turboDial: Notes record then you can include an additional Name/Value pair in the HTTP POST, as follows:

includeNotes yes

When the HTTP POST runs turboDial will look for the most recent note that is either a Call Note record or a turboDial: Notes record, and of those, the most recent found will determine who the Contact Owner will be changed to.