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Manually Saved Notes

In turboDial you can type notes in the call notes field and/or select a Call Outcome, and then click the Save button, and you can do that at any time. However, depending when you save the note the result will be different.

There are 2 cases:

Case 1:  You are currently talking on a call, or you have just completed a call and turboDial is still focused on the contact you just spoke to.
In this case your typed notes and/or Call Outcome will be saved in the Call Note Record that turboDial created for that call. Those Call Note Records have a title that begins “turboDial: Call from”.

Case 2:  Your turboDial panel is focused on a contact but this contact was not the subject of your most recent call.
Perhaps you called the contact earlier in the day and later remembered you had forgotten to save notes for the call and returned turboDial back to the contact and typed up some notes.
In this case your typed notes and/or Call Outcome will be saved in a new Note Record with a title of: “turboDial: Notes”.
The saved note will include the phrase “Twilio ID=NoCallSID” which also indicates this note is not associated to a call.

More about Case 1:

In turboDial you can also type notes in the call notes field and save them into the same Automatic Call Note that turboDial created. Each time you press the Save button your typed information will be saved into the current Automatic Note Record for the most recent call. You may save more than once and your Manual Notes will always be associated with the Automatic Note that was created for the most recent call.

For outbound calls you can begin saving Notes once a call has begun – no need to wait until the call has ended.

For inbound calls, if you have the Enhanced Inbound feature, you should first click an “Assign” button in the screen pop alert to associate yourself as the User who owns the call and then the Notes you save will be associated with the correct Automatic Call Note.

More about Case 2:

If you initiate a call in turboDial but then hangup before the call connects and then save your notes and Call Outcome, those will be saved in a Note Record with the title “turboDial: Notes”.  See more info on that here.

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