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Copy a Call Note Field Value into a Contact Field

This utility allows you to copy a Call Note field value from the most recently created Call Note into a Contact field.


  • POST URL: http://turbodial.biz/tf/Utilities/CopyNoteFieldToContact.php
  • contactId: ~Contact.Id~
  • key[replace with your turboDial Encrypted Key.]
  • installField: the Contact record field you want the value stored in. You must first find the the database name for the field. If you want the value stored in a custom Contact field, you must prepend the Name with an _ (underscore) like in the example below.
  • fromField: the Task/Appt/Note field in your Call Note whose value you want stored in a Contact field. If you want to retrieve the value from a custom Note field then you prepend the Name with an _ (underscore) like in the example below.
  • maxAge: (optional) if provided, this is a number of hours for the maximum age of the found Call Note Record. If no Call Note Record exists that is younger than the number of hours specified, then the update will not be performed. You may specify a fraction of an hour using a decimal value, for example: a maxAge of .5 means 30 minutes. Another example: a maxAge of 24 means 24 hours, or 1 day.


  1. Maybe you want to send an email dependent on the duration of the most recent call—if you spend a short amount of time, you want to say one thing, a long amount of time, another. You could have the Duration Call Note field value stored in a Contact field, then have a Campaign decision node based on the duration that branches into sequences that send an email.
  2. Maybe you want to apply a certain tag based on how long a call went, especially in cases where the calls were exceptionally long yet didn’t result in a sell. Similar to 1., you could store the Duration Call Note value in a Contact custom field, then have a Campaign decision node put Contacts into a given sequence depending on the call duration. In the example below, the field-type for Duration is Whole Number, hence why the greater than and less than options were available.

An example decision node is provided below:

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