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Store a Value in Most Recent Outbound Call Note

This utility allows you to store a value in a Note Record custom field for the most recently created outbound Call Note.


  • POST URL: http://turbodial.biz/tf/Utilities/SetNoteField.php
  • contactId: ~Contact.Id~
  • key: [replace with your turboDial Encrypted Key.] Your key can be found in your turboDial Management Account.
  • value: the value you want stored in a Note field. You are allowed to use a Contact field merge field as the value, or set it to a static value.
  • installField: the Note record field you want the value stored in. You must first find the the database name (see below) for the field. If you want the value stored in a custom Note field, you must prepend it with an _ (underscore) like in the example below.
  • maxAge: (optional) if provided, this is a number of hours for the maximum age of the found Call Note Record. If no Call Note Record exists that is younger than the number of hours specified, then the update will not be performed. You may specify a fraction of an hour using a decimal value, for example: a maxAge of .5 means 30 minutes. Another example: a maxAge of 24 means 24 hours, or 1 day.


Q: Can I set multiple Note field values with one HTTP POST?
A: No, if you need multiple values updated, multiple different POSTS will need created.

Q: Where do I find the database name for my fields?
A: For Note Record custom fields please refer to this Keap guide. The steps for finding them for Contact-type custom fields are analogous for Note-type custom fields. If you install a custom field name in the ‘Name’ field of your HTTP POST you must prepend the ‘installField’ parameter with an underscore, for example _AgentWaitTime.
For Note Record standard fields please refer to the “ContactAction” section of the Keap Table Schema Documentation. For example, if you want to set the Note Type to ‘Call’ then in your HTTP POST set the ‘installField’ parameter to ActionType and the ‘value’ parameter to Call.