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Selecting your Mic and Audio Output

This feature is only available in Google Chrome.

You can choose which microphone and speakers turboDial uses.

Choose a Mic and Audio Output

You can manually set your microphone and speakers (audio output) by clicking the microphone icon in your turboDial panel:

After doing so, the Choose your Media Sources screen appears:

If you click one of the selectors, a drop down like that below appears:

In the image above, the Microphone is set to Default, followed by the microphone’s name. When either selector is set to Default, that means turboDial is set to use the default microphone or audio output as determined by your computer.

If you want to pick a specific microphone or audio output, do so by choosing a specific microphone or audio output from the drop down then clicking Close.

Automatic Detection of Mic / Audio Output Changes

If turboDial detects that your microphone or audio output changed (for example, due to unplugging your headset, plugging one in, etc.), the Choose your Media Source screen above automatically appears, and if you don’t manually close it, automatically closes itself after 20 seconds. The reason for it automatically appearing is so you can choose the microphone / audio output you just plugged in, or choose a different one if after unplugging one.

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