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Dynamic Dial

Dynamic Dial is the fully autonomous dialer in turboDial that greatly simplifies the dialing steps for your Calling Agents while also giving complete control of the dialing session to the manager. The result is your agents are more efficient and your prospects are treated more respectfully.

Overview Video

With Dynamic Dial there are three different roles for you to assign:

  • Session Owner – this person sets up and manages the Dialing Session. This user has full control to configure the Session to optimize Calling Agent productivity.
  • Calling Agent – one or more users may Join a Dynamic Dial Session to participate in Calls during the Session.
  • Supervisor – you can authorize specific users to have access to live monitor calls for the purpose of training and evaluation.

This video gives a quick introduction to Dynamic Dial:

How-To Video: Calling Agent Role

This video walks through the steps for a Calling Agent to use Dynamic Dial for calling a list.

Click this link to download the slides used in the video.

How-To Video: Session Owner Role

The Session Owner has the role of configuring the Saved Search in Infusionsoft and then setting up the Dynamic Dial Session in turboDial.

This video walks through the details the Session Owner needs to fully understand the optional settings for a Session.

Click this link to download the slides used in the video.

How-To Video: Supervisor Role

The Supervisor must be specifically authorized in your turboDial Management Account.  An Authorized Supervisor will have access to the tools for Monitoring calls in Dynamic Dial Sessions.

Click this link to download the slides used in the video.

Common Questions about Dynamic Dial

Q: Will a call that ends up as a “Missed Connection” be eligible to be reattempted?
A: Yes, generally speaking when a call results in a Missed Connection the number will be eligible to be reattempted.
The exception is if you have the “Notify on Answers w/No Agent Available” option enabled. In that case the Contact is turned over to be manually dialed and that Contact’s numbers will not be eligible for further attempts.
Q: Will a call that is answered by a machine be eligible to be reattempted?
A: If you have Answer Detect disabled then that number is considered to have connected and is no longer eligible to be dialed.
But if Answer Detect is enabled then that number will remain eligible for future dial attempts.
Q: Can an inbound call be handled by an Agent who is currently joined to a Dynamic Dial Session?
A: The Call Pickup feature in Hosted Voice allows for your agents to have the option to temporarily leave the Dynamic Dial Session and then pickup the incoming call.
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