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Power Dial

You must login to your turboDial management account and add the Power Dial add-on before you can access this feature. Once you have upgraded there is no setup required.

You should review the List Dialing section before continuing.

Using Power Dial

To begin using Power Dial, follow these steps:

  1. Activate Power Dial by choosing the number of simultaneous calls
  2. Choose and Load a Saved Search
    –Notice the message indicating if you are the only User in this list
    –Choose “Reset” if you want to purge the list and re-Load it to start fresh
  3. The Power Dial curtain lowers and displays the Contacts who will be dialed
  4. Click the “Call” button to begin
  5. When a Contact answers:
    –An alert displays the name of the Contact who answered
    –The Power Dial curtain raises to reveal the Contact info
  6. After the Call is over:
    –Not Auto-Dialing: Click the right-nav button to retrieve the next contact group – then click “Call”
    –Auto-Dialing: Save a Note and/or Call Outcome, the list will automatically advance and the next Call will begin
The ID, Name, (or First Name & Last Name) and Phone1 Columns are Required

When you create a Saved Search in Infusionsoft you will not be able to load that list into turboDial for Power Dialing if the Saved Search does not include the Contact ID, Name and Phone 1 columns. You can also use the First Name and Last Name columns instead of the Name column.

When you setup the Saved Search you can configure the “columns” that are visible in the Saved Search listing, and those columns must include the above mentioned columns or it will not be loadable in turboDial for Power Dialing.

All you need to do is view the Saved Search in Infusionsoft, click the “Edit Criteria/Columns…” button and in the window that appears choose the Columns tab. In that tab you can find the fields on the right side – click each required field and move it to the left side. Then click the “Save” button to save your modifications.

The Importance of “Reset”

With Power Dial, turboDial keeps a copy of your saved search on its own servers and you can continue using that local copy for several days, if you desire. However if the contents of that saved search in Infusionsoft has changed those changes will not be automatically brought over to the turboDial copy (unless you’ve setup List Auto-Sync).

This means your list in turboDial will contain Contacts (or Opportunities) who no longer exist in the saved search in Infusionsoft!

To force a new copy of the saved search to be loaded from Infusionsoft into turboDial you must Reset the list and then Load it again.
If you don’t see the Reset button then set the list selector back to “Saved Search” and then choose the list again. The Reset button will now appear.
Clicking Reset will cause the copy saved by turboDial to be purged and the next time you load that specific saved search a new updated copy will be obtained from Infusionsoft.

You should not continue using the same copy of a Power Dial list for an extended period of time unless you specifically know you want to.

Also, be aware that a Reset of a list will affect all Users in your account who are currently using that list.

See the List Auto-Sync feature for an advanced method to solve this problem without requiring a list Reset in turboDial.

Video Overview & Demo

Click this link to download the slides used in the Video.

Note: The current setting in turboDial for list expiration is 96 hours. A Power Dial list that remains unused for 96 hours will be automatically reset by turboDial.

Preview Mode

The Preview Mode for Power Dial can be accessed when you choose only 1 Simultaneous Call and set Auto-Dial to “Off” as shown here.

This mode is called “Preview Mode” and the Power Dial curtain will appear as shown on the left:

If Auto-Dial is set to “On” or the Simultaneous Calls selector is set to a value other than 1 then Power Dial Normal Mode will be used, as shown on the right.

In Preview Mode you may click the contact name to expose the contact information for the single contact displayed on the Power Dial curtain. Placing the call to the contact requires clicking the “Call” button, since Auto-Dial is off.

Synchronizing a List between Infusionsoft & turboDial

When you load a Saved Search List in turboDial a copy of the List is retrieved from Infusionsoft and saved by turboDial.

Problem: After turboDial’s copy of the List is created any new changes to the List in Infusionsoft will not be reflected in the turboDial copy of the List until the List is manually re-loaded again from Infusionsoft. That can lead to some potential problems. In one scenario, your calling team might call a contact who should not be called. For example, if a contact just purchased your solution it would be unfortunate to have one of your agents call them later with a discounted offer.

To avoid that possibility, use List Auto-Sync to remove the contact from your prospect list as soon as they become a paying customer.

Multi-Country Dialing

turboDial must always format the phone numbers you call to be fully compliant with International Dialing format. For example, a U.S. number of (952) 555-1212 will be formatted to +19525551212.  But a number that is already compliant will not be re-formatted.

If phone numbers in the list you are Power Dialing to require formatting to be fully International Dialing format compliant then Power Dial will assume those numbers are in the same country as the owner of the turboDial account. For example, if the account owner address is in the U.S., and a number in the list being Power Dialed to is (952) 555-1212 then that number will be formatted to +19525551212.

So, if you are dialing to a list that includes phone numbers in more than one country then you cannot allow turboDial to format numbers based on the account owner’s country.  You must take a special step to allow turboDial to format your numbers correctly: By including the ‘Country’ column in your Saved Contact Search setup Power Dial can format the phone number for each Contact according to the Contact’s country. If the ‘Country’ column is not included then turboDial will use the account owner’s country.

Note that Opportunity Saved Searches are not able to include the ‘Country’ column, and so Power Dial will always assume the account owner’s country when formatting phone numbers.

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