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Set a Last Contacted Date

You may want to track and find Contacts based on the last time you attempted to reach them.  This article explains how you can use turboDial API Goal triggers with some Keap Campaign Builder automation to automatically set a date and time on the Contact record each time  you attempt to call or text message a Contact.

7 Steps:

1. Create a Contact Record custom field and name it “Last Call Date” and make it a field type of “Date/Time”.

2. In Campaign Builder create a Campaign with 4 API Goals and a sequence, like this:

3. The API Goals will be triggered by turboDial when a Call is attempted or an SMS is sent.

The Call Attempt goal configuration looks like this:

The values are:

Integration: turboDialCall
Call Name: DialAttempt

Integration: turboDialCall
Call Name: PowerDialAttempt

Integration: turboDialCall
Call Name: DynamicDialAttempt

The SMS Send goal configuration looks like this:

The values are:

Integration: turboDialSMS
Call Name: GoodNumber

4. The sequence uses a “Set Field Value” and looks like this:

5. The configuration of the Set Field Value process looks like this:

6. Publish your campaign.

7.  Reset Disabled Goals in your turboDial Management account.

With that automation in place then each time a call  is attempted or SMS is sent in turboDial the associated contact record will receive a date/time value that you can use when creating reports.

Last Call Date
Last SMS Date
Last Reach Date