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Before you use the Campaign SMS add-on to send text messages to Contacts, you must be aware of the policies Twilio has established regarding the consent of your message recipients.

Please Read This Now:  ->  Twilio Messaging Policy

turboDial takes active steps to enforce the policy.

Please read the following information to understand how you must comply with Twilio’s policies. There are 3 requirements you must implement to comply with turboDial enforcement.

You Must Seek Consent from Your Contacts

You cannot send a text message to a contact who has not agreed to receive messages from you. This consent must be explicit, not implied. turboDial does not manage your Contact’s consent status on your behalf.

This consent is called ‘opt in’.

When you receive opt in consent from a contact you must save evidence of it and be able to provide that evidence to Twilio or other authorities. A good way to do that is using a tag in Keap added to the contact record. You may also want to add a Note Record to the contact documenting the consent. Lastly, as stated in Requirement 3 below you also need to fill the phrase ‘opt in’ into the ‘SMS Consent’ custom field.

When you receive opt in consent from a contact you can proceed to use the Campaign SMS add-on to send text messages to that contact.

You Must Manage Opt Outs

When a contact opts out of receiving your messages, you must stop sending messages to them. None of the numbers in your turboDial account should be used to send messages, and none of the contact’s alternative phone numbers should be used as the destination for a message. Your automation should take action to register the opt out status on the contact record.

If a message recipient replies ‘STOP’ to your message the following happens:

  1. Twilio disallows all further messages from your ‘from’ number to the contact’s ‘to’ number.
  2. turboDial triggers your SMS Opt Out API Goal in Keap where your automation can take action to register the opt out.

Requirement 1: API Goal for SMS Opt Out

You must create the API Goal in your Campaign Automation in Keap that will be triggered when a contact replies to your message with a ‘STOP’ or similar opt out request. When that opt out request occurs turboDial will trigger this API Goal:

Integration: turboDialSMS
Call Name: OptOut

turboDial requires your account to have that API Goal active somewhere in your Campaign Builder campaigns in Keap. More information about this goal is here.

You Must Provide Contact Consent Status to turboDial

Every text message you send using the Campaign SMS add-on with turboDial must include the consent opt in status of the contact. This opt in status is maintained in the ‘SMS Consent’ custom field in your Keap contact records and merged into the HTTP POST in your Campaign that sends the message, thereby allowing turboDial to verify the SMS Consent value is ‘opt in’.

Requirement 2: ‘SMS Consent’ Custom Field

You must create a Contact Record custom field of type ‘text’ and name it ‘SMS Consent’. Your automation will fill the value ‘opt in’ into that field for every contact who has given opt in consent to receive text messages. If the contact has not opted in or has explicitly opted out then the field should be empty and should not contain the words ‘opt in’, and your automation should not attempt to send a text message to that contact.

Requirement 3: ‘SMS Consent’ field in the HTTP POST

You must add the ‘SMS Consent’ Name/Value pair in the HTTP POST you send to turboDial to send a text message. You will merge the value of the ‘SMS Consent’ custom field into the value column of the HTTP POST. Your HTTP POST is described in more detail here.

What Happens If You Don’t Meet the Above Requirements?

Here are the three requirements again:

  1. SMS Opt Out API Goal
  2. SMS Consent Custom Field, containing a value of ‘opt in’
  3. SMS Consent Field merged into the HTTP POST that sends Campaign SMS

If you use the Campaign SMS add-on to send a text message while any of those three requirements is not met then turboDial will automatically append the following 2-line consent request to the end of your message:

From <your name or company name>
Reply STOP to opt out

This enforcement is currently in effect for turboDial accounts that are large volume senders of Campaign SMS messages. Enforcement will evolve to include lower volume senders until all turboDial accounts are affected.

In the future, enforcement will further evolve to disallow sending any message that does not meet the 3 requirements.

Please implement the requirements now even if you do not believe your account is meeting the enforcement volumes.

SMS Consent Campaign

turboDial has developed an Keap Campaign that maintains the ‘opt in’ and ‘opt out’ status of all contacts. You may request that campaign to be imported into your account by sending an email to support@turbodial.biz.

What about Manually Sent SMSs?

The text messages you send manually using the turboDial app do not need to comply with these requirements.

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