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Notification of Failures

Important: Be Notified of Failures

If your Campaign SMS HTTP POST has something invalid in the configuration then the SMS will not be sent.

Check the HTTP POST

If you are aware that the Campaign SMS failed for a specific contact you should view the “Campaigns Tab” on that Keap contact record and look for the HTTP POST in the Recent Campaign History section. The HTTP POST will likely show an error, and clicking to open that error will reveal more information about the cause.

Failure Notification

You should create the API Goal in a Keap campaign that will be triggered if your Campaign SMS fails. You can use that goal to notify you about the failure, for example by applying a tag that causes the contact to appear in a Saved Search report you are monitoring on your Keap dashboard.

The API Goals for SMS failures can be found in the “Outbound Send Failure” section on the Automation Triggered when Sending and Receiving SMS text messages  page.  You can also find that information below.

Please Read:   After you add or change an API Goal in your Keap Campaign Builder you must inform turboDial to look for it by clicking the Reset Disabled Goals button in your turboDial Management Account.

Outbound Send Failure
  • When an SMS message fails to send because the destination phone number is not SMS capable. This goal can be used to register that a phone number is not capable of receiving SMS messages
    • Integration: turboDialSMS
    • Call Name:   BadNumber
  • When an SMS message fails to send for some other reason. (A common reason is an invalid ‘from’ number in a Campaign SMS)
    • Integration: turboDialSMS
    • Call Name:   SendFailed
Acknowledgement of the Request

There is also an API Goal triggered when your Keap Campaign sends an HTTP POST to turboDial requesting an SMS be sent (Campaign SMS feature, see below). This functionality can be used to discover cases where your HTTP POST request included bad information – such as a missing phone number, and to verify that Keap successfully issued the HTTP POST. The API Goal is triggered after the initial checks of your HTTP POST pass validation. To have a goal triggered for the case when a HTTP POST to send an SMS is successfully received from your Keap campaign you can create an API Goal in a Campaign Builder sequence and set these values in it:

  • Integration: turboDialSMS
  • Call Name: SMSsendRequestReceived