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IMPORTANT: Carrier SPAM Failures and Failure Notifications


Carriers expect that all marketing SMS messages are sent from Short Codes rather than from standard phone numbers.  However, all SMS messages you send with Campaign SMS are sent from standard phone numbers.

If you send the same SMS to many contacts, from the same phone number, in a short period of time then your messages will have an increased risk of being designated as SPAM. 

When a Carrier designates a message as SPAM that message will not be delivered and you will find a 30007 error in the Note Record for that SMS.

Each independent Carrier has their own system for detecting and handling SPAM messages. For example you may find that your message to contacts who use Verizon Wireless fails due to SPAM while that same message to AT&T customers succeeds.

Also, note that when you use the ‘link‘ field in your Campaign SMS and provide a URL that is longer than 22 characters, then turboDial shortens that link using an internal shortening service. The shortened URL will begin with http://tdlinks.me .  We have observed that Verizon Wireless will often designate a message containing an http://tdlinks.me link as SPAM.
If your Campaign SMS includes a ‘callName‘ field then your link URL will be shortened with an http://tdlinks.me  URL even if your original URL is shorter than 22 characters.

For this reason, we recommend you carefully monitor any messaging campaign that uses the ‘link‘ or ‘callName‘ fields in the HTTP POST, and you may choose to not use these features.


If your Campaign SMS HTTP POST has something invalid in the configuration then the SMS will not be sent. You should create the API Goal in a Keap campaign that will be triggered if your Campaign SMS fails. You can use that goal to notify you about the failure, for example by applying a tag that causes the contact to appear in a Saved Search report you are monitoring on your Keap dashboard.

The API Goals for SMS failures can be found in the “Outbound Send Failure” section on the Automation Triggered when Sending and Receiving SMS text messages  page.