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The Campaign SMS feature allows you to send an SMS text message using the automation of your Keap campaign. And the SMS text messages you send this way are like the SMS text messages you send using the turboDial panel because any message you send can be replied to, and those replies will be routed to the right person who can reply back and engage a real-time conversation via SMS.

The Campaign SMS feature is designed to help you automatically initiate personal interactions with your customers and prospects. For example, when a prospect fills and submits a web form on your website you can use this feature to have an SMS text message sent to them immediately. And that message can have a call to action and invite them to reply. Their replies will be sent to you or your designated User and when you receive it you have a great opportunity for a real-time conversation that could close the deal!

You can use automatic text messages for any kind of notification, like “your order is ready” or “your appointment is today”. Or trigger an SMS to be sent using turboDial’s Call Outcome Automation feature, for example “Just left a voice mail – when can we talk?”

You can also use Campaign SMS to send a URL link and then trigger a goal in your campaign when that link is clicked.

This Campaign SMS feature is not intended to support broadcast marketing from your Keap account. Don’t use it to send a message to large number of Contacts at one time.
(Also read the “Intended Purpose” section)