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Overview of Inbound Phone Numbers

Acquiring Inbound Numbers in turboDial is optional. However you must acquire an Inbound number before you can send or receive an SMS text message in turboDial.

With any basic turboDial account you can:

  • Purchase new Inbound Numbers ($1.00/mo – see this guide).
    • If turboDial operates in a Twilio account you control you must acquire numbers using the  console of your Twilio account.
    • Otherwise, you can acquire the number in turboDial.
  • Configure those Inbound Numbers to forward their calls to one of your existing phones.

In addition, if you also have the Hosted Voice upgrade or the Enhanced Inbound add-on, you can:

  • Answer calls right in the turboDial softphone.
  • Record calls made to your Inbound Numbers.
  • Have a call note automatically created for each call to your Inbound Numbers.
  • Create Keap dashboard reports to track the activity on your Inbound Numbers.

See Hosted Voice to learn about additional inbound features that are available.