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Acquiring Numbers Outside of North America or the UK

Phone numbers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. can be acquired directly in turboDial, and the instructions on this page are not needed

Most countries outside of the U.S., Canada and the U.K. have begun regulating the provision of phone numbers, and the new regulations require you to provide documentation of identity and address before you can acquire a number. Twilio is now enforcing those regulations and that means the process to acquire a number for use in turboDial is different for countries other than the U.S., Canada and the U.K.


If you need to acquire a number for a country other than the U.S., Canada or the U.K. there are several steps to be performed. All of these steps are within your Twilio account.

The high level steps are as follows:

  1. You must create a new Sub-Account under your primary Twilio account, and turboDial must be reconnected to use that new Sub-Account.
  2. You must register in the new Twilio Sub-Account the Address that will be associated with the acquired phone number.
  3. You must submit the documents in the new Twilio Sub-Account that are necessary for regulatory compliance and create a “Regulatory Bundle”.
  4. Once the Regulatory Bundle is approved, you may acquire a phone number in the Twilio Sub-Account. Since turboDial is now connected to that Twilio Sub-Account the number will automatically appear in turboDial.

Please continue below for step-by-step instructions.

Create a Twilio Sub-Account

Please login to your primary Twilio account follow these steps to create a new Sub-Account:

  1. In the Settings Menu, click “Subaccounts”
  2. On the Subaccounts page that opens, click the + button to create a new Subaccount. It will ask you to provide a “Friendly Name”. You can enter anything here – you may want to enter “turboDial Subaccount
  3. Your new Subaccount will appear. Click the “View Subaccount” button to open it.

4. A page will open showing your new Subaccount credentials.
Copy the Account SID and Auth Token and provide those values to turboDial support so they can connect turboDial to your new Subaccount.

5. When your turboDial is moved to connect to your new Twilio Subaccount you may need to re-establish some resources:

  • If you had created Recorded Messages (Voice Recordings) in your turboDial app those will need to be re-created. These Recorded Messages are used to for leaving a voice message using the MSG button, and also for greetings and announcements for the features of the Hosted Voice add-on.
  • Any Caller ID numbers you had validated in turboDial will need to be re-validated.
  • If you had previously acquired phone numbers for your country prior to the new regulations, those phone numbers will need to be moved. Contact turboDial support to assist with that.

Create a Regulatory Bundle

Please follow these steps to create a Regulatory Bundle for your new Subaccount:

  1. While still in the Subaccount credentials page, click the Phone Numbers option in the left menu:

2. In the menu that opens on the right of the initial menu, click the “Regulatory Compliance” option and in the sub-options that appear click the “Addresses” option:

3.You will now click the “Add new Address” button and enter your address details in the “New Address” window. Enter the address that is to be associated with the number you will be acquiring.

4. Still in the Phone Numbers menu and Regulatory Compliance section, click the “Bundles” option:

5. On this page you will click the “Create a Regulatory Bundle” option

6. You will now fill out the details and upload necessary documents to request a Regulatory Bundle.

7. Once you “Submit for Review” you will wait to learn the status of your request. You will need to resolve any missing items as needed. Please submit any questions to Twilio support during this process.
Once your Regulatory Bundle is approved you may proceed to the next section to acquire a number

Acquire a Phone Number

Once you have your Regulatory Bundle you may follow these steps to acquire a number

  1. Return to your new Twilio Subaccount and click the “Buy a Number” menu option on the left:

2. In the window that opens you will choose your Country, and in most cases you will check the “Voice” and “SMS” boxes.
When you are ready then click the “Search” button to find a number

3. Once you have identified the number you want, you will “Buy” the number.

4. You can now logout of turboDial and log back in, and the number should appear in the “Inbound&SMS” section of turboDial.
You should immediately click the red pencil button and configure the number according to these instructions, or if you have Enhanced Inbound or Hosted Voice then use these instructions.

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