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Setting a Callback Date

You may want to set a callback date as part of the disposition of a call. turboDial provides direct access to allow you to set a Callback Date field in the Infusionsoft Contact Record.

Steps to Enable the Callback Date Feature

To enable the Callback Date feature in turboDial you must perform these two steps:

  1. Create a Contact Custom field in your Infusionsoft account. It must have the name “Callback Date” and the field type must be ‘Date/Time‘.
    Once that field exists in Infusionsoft turboDial will automatically find it and display it in the Contact Information area on the turboDial panel, as shown here:
  2. Then to have access to change the Callback Date you must change your Global Options to set the “Users can Update Contacts?” option to On. When that option is On you will see this pencil button in the Contact Information area of turboDial:

    Clicking that pencil button will open the window for modifying the Contact’s information, and one of the fields available to change will be the Callback Date, as shown here:
Using the Callback Date in Infusionsoft

When you have the Callback Date populated for your Contacts  you can use it in Infusionsoft wherever dates are referenced. For example:

  • You can create a Saved Search of Contacts and filter the search by specifying a date range in the Callback Date field. That Saved Search could then be used in turboDial to direct your calling agents to place calls to the Contact’s whose Callback Date has come due.
  • You can set a Field Timer in a Campaign Builder sequence to wait for the Callback Date and then proceed with some action.


(To help search for this document the term callback date can also be spelled call back date )

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