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Reports About Dial Attempts

“Completed” vs “Attempted” Calls

turboDial creates Call Note Record for completed calls – that is, calls that are answered by a human or a machine.  It does not create a Call Note Record for an unanswered call attempt, that is, a call that is initiated, starts ringing, but then is stopped (hung up) before a person or machine answers it. Therefore, the normal methods for creating Reports cannot capture these unanswered calls.

Note that it is not common for calls to be unanswered, and claims of unanswered calls may be an indication that your calling agents are not fulfilling their assignments. Most people have some kind of answering machine or voice mail and as a result calls will almost always be answered.

Your team may see more than the normal number of unanswered calls if the demographic characteristics of your prospect list include people who use land-line phones and may or may not have answering machines. When these types of land-line phones are busy or if there is no one available to answer and no answering machine attached, then a call will be unanswered.

Therefore, you may need to track these “call attempts” for the purpose of verifying your calling agents are performing their duties.

Call Attempt Reporting

Enable the Add Note for Unanswered Dials Global OptionThereafter, Attempt Notes will be automatically created with the following note title: turboDial: Manual Dial Attempt, and are found using Keap’s Admin>Task Note Report.