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Reports About Contacts

It is good practice to create a set of tags in your Keap account that describe the actions you want your contacts to take when you call them. This list of tags will be different for every business, and it might include tags like these:

  • Made an appointment
  • Requested more info & provided mailing address
  • Agreed to get a quote
  • Provided expiration date for current policy
  • Agreed to buy

You may not achieve one of these results with every call but when you do turboDial makes it easy to apply the corresponding tag to the contact. For example, use one of these methods:

  • Apply the tag using the Apply Tag tool available on the turboDial panel. This requires careful training of your staff to know which tags are applied for the different possible phone call results.
  • Use Call Outcome Automation to trigger a campaign you’ve setup that applies tags to indicate the results achieved on the call. This is especially useful when there are several steps you want to implement with automation for a given Call Outcome, and it requires less training of your staff.

Now you are setting tags to indicate the results achieved from phone calls. Then with a dashboard report that displays saved searches for these action tags you can easily measure and track the effectiveness of your calling campaign. See this article from Keap for more information on creating reports based on tags.