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Enhanced Inbound: Additional Info

Below is a list of features or capabilities that might be helpful to you when considering situations involving inbound numbers.

Assign an Inbound Number to a User:

To learn how to assign an inbound number to a user, click here.

Optional: Auto-Create Contact Record

In Global Options, the account owner may set an option to Add Contact on Inbound Call/SMS.  See Global Options for more information.

Notification on your Mobile Device about an Inbound Call

If you have the turboDial Mobile (native) app installed on your mobile device you can receive a notification alert on your device when an inbound call arrives in turboDial.

Regenerate a Screen Pop

See the Contact Search Tool guide for information on how to re-generate a screen pop alert for an inbound call. You may need to regenerate a screen pop if the screen pop for an inbound call is not available on your turboDial panel and you need to access the assign buttons.