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Overview of Enhanced Inbound Features

Overview of Enhanced Inbound

Enhanced Inbound adds features that can be used with Inbound Numbers you have acquired in turboDial.

See the this guide section for instructions on how to acquire an Inbound Number in turboDial.

Enhanced Inbound includes these additional features:

  • Answer inbound calls using the turboDial softphone on your PC
  • Designate up to 10 phones and softphones to simultaneously ring when an inbound call arrives. The call will be connected to the first phone that answers.
  • For inbound calls  from known Contacts choose the softphone of the Contact Owner as one of the destination softphones to ring.
  • Record incoming calls
  • Receive a “screen pop” alert in the turboDial panel for each inbound call
  • Receive a notification on your mobile device for each inbound call, if you have the turboDial Mobile (native) app installed on your device.
  • Have a call note automatically created for each call to your inbound number
  • Configure a number to forward inbound calls based on the time of day.
  • Create dashboard reports to track your inbound call activity
  • Text Message Alerts – any inbound reply you receive to an SMS text message sent outbound from turboDial will be displayed and chimed right on the turboDial panel of the User it is intended for.

These capabilities are available for inbound calls to numbers that the account owner has acquired in turboDial. Calls to the phone numbers associated with an existing phone service don’t pass through turboDial and therefore don’t access any turboDial capabilities. See the Support Guide on “Enhanced Inbound for your existing phone service” for a solution to that.