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Identifying Missed Calls

If you have the Hosted Voice add-on then turboDial can trigger an API Goal in an Infusionsoft Campaign when an Inbound call is not answered. An API Goal is only triggered in the case the calling phone number can be associated to a Contact in your Infusionsoft app.

You can use this API Goal to trigger automation that will help you follow up on the missed call. For example, your automation could apply a tag, or assign a task to a user.

Each of the following cases are considered to be a Missed Call

  • A contact calls your turboDial number, and the caller hangs up while the call is still ringing.
  • A contact calls your turboDial number that is configured with the Voice Mail feature, and the call is not answered by a human but goes to voice mail.
  • A contact calls your turboDial number that is configured with the Find-Me feature, and the call is not answered at the initial ringing destination and transitions to begin ringing the Find-Me destinations.
  • A contact calls your turboDial number that is configured with the Inbound Queueing feature, and the caller hangs up before the call is picked up from the Queue by a human.

If your Inbound Number is configured with the Auto-Attendant feature, any call that is handled by the Auto-Attendant is not considered to be a missed call. However if your Auto-Attendant forwards the call to a different turboDial Inbound Number then the above cases for Missed Calls will apply.

The Missed Call API Goal setup is as follows:

  • Integration: turboDialCall
  • Call Name: InboundMissed

Trigger Missed Call Goal for a Specific Inbound Number

To have a goal triggered based on the turboDial number that was called you can create an API Goal in a Campaign Builder sequence and set these values in it:

  • Integration: turboDialCall
  • Call Name:  InboundMissednnnnnnnnnn
    Where nnnnnnnnnn is the Inbound destination phone number the call was placed to. For example, if the Inbound Number called was +19523142318  then the Call Name will be ‘InboundMissed19523142318’.
    Note the country code field is included in the number, which in this example is ‘1’.

Please Read: After you add or change an API Goal in your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder you must inform turboDial to look for it by clicking the Reset Disabled Goals button in your turboDial Management Account.

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