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Calling Outside your Country (International)

You can use turboDial to call most countries because turboDial works anywhere Twilio works.  However you must authorize your Twilio account for the countries you want to call.

For International calling, be sure your Keap Contact Records have the Country field correctly filled in because turboDial uses it to determine how to re-format the Contact’s phone number to e.164 compatibility. If that field is not filled then turboDial assumes the Contact is in the same Country as the owner of the turboDial account.

So, you can get by without filling the Country field if your Contacts are in the same Country as your turboDial account owner. But if you want to call Internationally then either your Contact Country fields must be accurate or the numbers in your Keap Contact records must already be fully configured for international dialing.

How do your Contact Records get the correct value filled into the Country field?

  • For your contacts who have purchased from you with a credit card the Country field in their Contact Record will already be correctly entered.
  • If you create contacts from web form opt-ins you can include the Country as a required field on the web form.
  • If you serve contacts in only one Country then you could use a “Mass Update” to install the correct Country value into all of your existing Contact Records. And for new contacts coming in to your CRM you can use an Action Set in an Keap campaign to assign the Country value.