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turboDial includes the capability for 2-way personal SMS text message conversations with your contacts—group SMS is not supported. This video explains the steps.

Download the slides from the video by clicking this link.

Routing for SMS Replies

turboDial allows multiple users in your team to share one Inbound Number as the ‘From’ number when sending & receiving SMS text messages. And even though a number is shared inbound text messages to that number are  delivered to the only User who should receive it.

See this page for full details on how Inbound SMS text messages are routed to your team.

Saving a Template for Commonly Sent Messages

See this article to learn how to use saved templates to reduce the repetitive typing required for commonly sent messages.

Receiving Notification of an Inbound SMS on your Mobile Device

See this article for details.

Reports about SMS Messages Sent & Received

Please see this section for details on how to generate reports that show your SMS sending and receiving activity.

Group SMS

Group SMS is not supported.