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Call Numbers Not In Infusionsoft

You can call a number that is not in a Contact Record by typing the number into the “Search or Number” field and then choosing “Enter Number” from the list of phone numbers for the Contact you are currently displaying. You can also “paste” numbers into that field you have copied to your clipboard from other web pages or applications on your computer. Once you enter your number in that field you can click the “Call” button and proceed as normal.

However, calling a number this way raises the question of – “Should turboDial attach a note to the Contact Record? – because the number you enter may not be associated with the displayed contact.

So, if you regularly have a need to call numbers that are not associated with Contacts we recommend you create a special Contact in your Infusionsoft account, named “Manual Dialing” (first name = “Manual” and last name = “Dialing”) and place all of your manually dialed phone calls with that special Contact Record displayed in turboDial. And in this approach you can allow the note to be attached to the Contact Record so that your Contact named “Manual Dialing” will hold notes for all of your manually dialed calls.

  • Create an Infusionsoft contact named “Manual Dialing”
    • Leave the phone fields empty
    • Set the Billing Country field to your country
  • To make a manually dialed call follow these steps:
    1. Enter “man dia” in the turboDial search field and press Enter. turboDial will move to the Manual Dialing contact.
    2. Type (or paste) the phone number you are calling into the search field, e.g. 8885551212
    3. Click the Call button.


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