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Making Your First Call

Before Making Your 1st Call

If you do not have an available number in the Caller ID selector caller-id-selectorthen you must validate a phone number to use as a Caller ID.

  1. Launch the turboDial popup by clicking the turboDial link on any contact record in your Infusionsoft account.
  2. Login to turboDial using a valid Infusionsoft ID that has been submitted as an authorized user in your turboDial account. When you first signed up for turboDial the email address you signed up with was installed in turboDial as your authorized user. If that email address is not a valid Infusionsoft ID then login to your turboDial account and change it.
  3. Use the green “Add Caller ID” button in the Caller ID section of turboDial to validate a phone number to use as a Caller ID

You are now ready to make your first call. Watch this video to see how…

Demo Video: Making Outbound Calls with turboDial
There are two fundamental outbound call types
  1. Non-recorded Call – begin the call by pressing the “Call” button
  2. Recorded Call – begin the call by pressing the Record button immediately adjacent to the Call button
For each call type you can choose these options
  • Choose the Number you call
    • Select a Number – choose a phone number from the selector before beginning the call
    • Enter a Number – choose “Enter Number” from the selector and the number currently present in the Search field will be used for the call. Type in the number using your keyboard or the on-screen keypad before beginning the call. Be sure to put your cursor into the Search field before you type in the number.
  • Choose the Device you call from
    • Call from your PC – choose “This PC” from the Calling Device list before beginning the call and your call will use the sound capabilities of your PC. A good quality headset with built-in microphone and a good Internet connection are all that’s needed. Most people are pleasantly surprised at the convenience and sound quality of calls made this way.
    • Call from a Phone – choose a phone number from the Calling Device list before beginning the call. This device will be called first when you begin the call and when you answer it turboDial will automatically continue connecting to the person you are calling. Note that it is extremely important to answer the call to your device – if you don’t answer and your voice mail system answers instead then your voice mail system will be connected to the person you were calling, which could be a confusing experience for them. If you have changed your mind and don’t want to continue the call then you should first answer the call to your device and then hang up.
  • Choose the Caller ID you display
    • Choose any of the phone numbers you have previously verified before beginning the call.

See this page for instructions on adding a Calling Device.

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