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turboDial Mobile (web): Read First – How to Authorize

How to Authorize

turboDial Mobile (web) is a reduced feature version of turboDial that can be used on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. It allows you and your team to use many of the turboDial features to call & text your Keap contacts when you are not near your computer.

turboDial account owners may authorize your turboDial Users to have access to the turboDial Mobile app.

Free trial accounts are not eligible to add Mobile Users.

You can authorize Users to access turboDial Mobile apps using the Add/Remove Mobile Users form available in your account at https://sd123.customerhub.net . Your turboDial Users subscription is increased by $10/month for each User authorized for turboDial Mobile. That subscription price is automatically adjusted each time you submit the form to add or remove users.

Your Users can access and use the features of turboDial Mobile (web) even if they are not authorized as a user for the PC/Mac version of turboDial.

For a complete guide to using turboDial Mobile (web) see the detailed overview in this page.