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turboDial Mobile (web)

turboDial Mobile (web) is a subset of turboDial features that can be accessed using a web browser on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. It allows you and your team to use turboDial for outbound calls and text messages to your Infusionsoft contacts when you are not near your computer.

turboDial Mobile (web) is a “web app” which means it is not installed as an application on your device and is instead accessed using a web link URL in a mobile browser.
A separate turboDial Mobile (native) app with different functionality will soon be available and will be downloadable from the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Identifying the Apps on your Device

If you have both the web and the native versions of turboDial Mobile installed on your mobile device you can identify the difference as follows:

The native app is depicted on the left and the web app is depicted on the right.
The native app is depicted on the left and the web app is depicted on the right.

Using turboDial Mobile (web)

By using turboDial Mobile (web), your calls will be the same as turboDial calls made using a phone type Calling Device with turboDial on your PC:

  • Your calls and SMS text messages will be placed using your turboDial numbers as the Caller ID. Your mobile phone number is not exposed.
  • You calls and SMS text messages will be tracked with Note Records attached to the Contact Record. Your existing reports set up in Infusionsoft will track calls and SMS text messages placed using turboDial Mobile.

On Android devices you must use the Chrome browser rather than the browser built-in to Android.

On both Android Chrome and iOS Safari you must have cookies enabled.

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