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turboDial Mobile (web): Full Overview Video

turboDial Mobile (web) is a version of turboDial you can use with web browsers on Smartphones and Tablets.

  • Supports Mobile Devices
    • Apple iOS (Safari), Android (Chrome)
    • Smartphones, Tablets
  • Operates independently from Keap
  • turboDial Mobile (web) – Features:
    • Choose your Caller ID and Calling Device
    • Search & select any Keap contact
    • Make Calls, Send Text Messages
    • Save Call Outcomes & Notes
    • Apply Tags
  • Bonus: Works with PCs & Macs too
    • IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera

Important Note: On Android devices – do not use the native browser in Android to launch turboDial Mobile – always use Chrome.

Launch turboDial Mobile (web) on your device by browsing to: https://turbodial.biz/tf/mob

Overview of turboDial Mobile (web)

Click to download the slides used in the video.