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Inbound SMS Alerts & 2-Way Chat

In the turboDial Panel on your PC

If your turboDial account has the Hosted Voice upgrade or the Enhanced Inbound add-on then you will also receive these additional SMS capabilities:

  • An alert message on your turboDial panel when a contact replies to an SMS text message you have sent. Only one User will receive this alert – usually this is the User who sent the SMS that the inbound SMS is replying to. See this page for full details on how inbound SMS messages are routed.
  • When you send an SMS message the Send window remains open and will display replies that is sent back from the contact. With this window you can easily engage in a 2-way chat session with the contact, and you can have multiple of these 2-way chat windows open for chat sessions with multiple contacts at the same time.

See this guide section for more information.

On your Smart Phone

If your user ID is authorized as a Mobile User in turboDial then you can install the turboDial Mobile App (native) on your smart phone and receive an immediate push notification on your device when an inbound SMS is intended for you.

That push notification also gives you access to send a reply SMS via turboDial right from your smart phone.

See this guide section for more information.