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SMS Templates

The window for composing and sending an SMS text message includes a feature for creating and using templates to quickly populate your SMS text body with content you have previously composed.

Video Demonstration:
Accessing Templates

The selector for your Templates is found on the upper-left corner of the composition window:

Clicking that selector will open it and show you choices of existing templates you can choose from, if any exist:

Creating a Template

When you type any text into the composition window a Save button will appear:

When you click that save button the text currently in the composition window will be saved as a template. You will be asked to provide a name for the template. If you provide a name that is in use for an existing template that existing template will be over-written.

Merge Fields

When composing text you intend to use as a template, you can use these special “merge” fields that will be replaced when the template is used:

  • <first>   –  will be replaced with the first name of the contact
  • <last>    –  will be replaced with the last name of the contact
Deleting a Template

When you choose a template from the selector a Delete button will appear:

Clicking that Delete button will remove the template from your list of choices in the selector.

The Delete button only appears immediately after you select a template, and it is hidden once you begin typing in the composition window.

Templates Not Shared

The SMS Templates are not sharable between users in a turboDial account. Each user has their own templates.