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Billing Details

turboDial Charges on your credit card statement

Look for items called WWW.APPFUSION.BIZ – all charges from Agency Automate, LLC (the owners of turboDial) will be listed under that name.

Your monthly turboDial subscription charge is divided into 2 separate charges:

  • The first charge is your base account fee plus any fixed price add-ons. For example if your subscription price is $29.95/mo and you have added the Campaign SMS add-on, then this charge will total $39.95/mo.
  • The second charge is for the additional Users you have authorized into your account plus any variable priced add-ons, that is the add-ons that are priced per User. For example if you have authorized 2 additional Users ($10 each) for a total of 3 Users, and you have the Volume Dialing add-on ($5/User for 3 total Users) then this charge will be $20 + $15 = $35.00/mo.

Your Current Invoice

You can retrieve a statement detailing your current turboDial charges using the button at this page in your turboDial Management Account:

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