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4 – Add Your First Caller ID

Once you have installed the turboDial Linker Extension, you can launch and login to turboDial using your Infusionsoft ID email and password.

Then your next step will be to install your first Caller ID. You cannot make a call with turboDial without having at least one valid Caller ID.

To add a number as a Caller ID that number must ring to a phone directly when it is dialed. It cannot be handled by any type of automatic answer, such as an auto-attendant. If your desired Caller ID number is answered automatically then you must temporarily configure it to ring directly to a phone you can answer while you are validating it as a Caller ID. Once you have it validated you can change it back to the original configuration.

To validate an existing phone number, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Add Caller ID” button. This is the green + symbol in the Caller ID section of turboDial, as shown here:
  2. In the window that opens enter a phone number for a phone that you can answer. Always use full International dialing format for your phone numbers, so for example in North America you will begin your numbers with +1 and in Australia you will begin your numbers with +61, etc.
    Then click the OK button.
  3. A new window opens and displays a 6 digit code, as shown here:
  4. You will now receive a phone call at the phone number you entered in step 2, and when you answer you will be asked to enter the code you received in this step. Type in the code using the keypad on the phone you answered.
  5. Once you hear the acknowledgement message from Twilio you can hangup and also dismiss the window from step 3 by clicking the OK button. Your new number will appear in your Caller ID list selector in turboDial
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