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Getting your turboDial Encrypted Key

The “turboDial Encrypted Key” is a special string of characters created by turboDial to identify your account. It is not the same as your Keap API Key – be careful to not confuse them.

Your turboDial Encrypted Key is required when authorizing the turboDial extension, and is included in an email sent to the primary account owner with the subject, Retain these Web Browser instructions —ask them for it.

If you’re the primary account owner, you have more options:

  1. Go to this page in your turboDial Management Account and find the key: https://sd123.customerhub.net/browser-extension, or
  2. Submit the email address associated with your turboDial account on this page: https://turbodial.biz/retrieve-account-info/ and an email containing the key (and other account details) will be sent to that email address.

If these options are not successful please send us a request for support.