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Porting Numbers for use in turboDial

If you have phones numbers associated with service from another provider it is possible to port them for use with turboDial. Porting the numbers to turboDial has the advantage of tracking your inbound call activity directly in Keap.

Follow these steps for porting a number:

Step 1: Port to Twilio

Submit a request to port those phone numbers to Twilio using the instructions found here.

Step 2: Move the Numbers to turboDial

Once the numbers are in Twilio you should immediately proceed to this page in your turboDial Management Account:


For the form on that page you will need to find your Account SID and Auth Token values from your Twilio Console. You will need to unlock the Auth Token before you can see it to copy it.

Within a few minutes of  submitting the form you will receive an email with information on the result of your move request.

Step 3: Configure the Numbers in turboDial

When a ported phone number arrives in Twilio any special configuration associated with that number in the previous service provider will no longer be in effect. For example, if the number was configured to forward to another number that forwarding will stop. For that reason you may have an outage of service on that number for a few hours.

Once a number has arrived in your turboDial account it will not be configured – you must configure it using turboDial to initialize the configuration you need.

You should first close and re-launch turboDial, and that will make the newly moved number available in the Inbound&SMS selector in turboDial. Then follow the instructions here to configure your number in turboDial.

When a number is transferred into your turboDial account it is initially set as not enabled for SMS. However if the number will support SMS you can enable it when you configure it.

Special Note: Desk Phones

If a phone number you want to port is currently associated with a specific desk phone for inbound & outbound calls that desk phone will no longer work once the number has been ported away. If you want to continue using that desk phone you should have your current phone service provider assign a new phone number to it. Once that desk phone has a phone number you will once again be able to use it for inbound & outbound calls, and you will also be able to configure turboDial to include it as a destination device when an inbound call arrives in turboDial.