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Inbound Calls & Phone Numbers

Your Existing Inbound Call Service

When you begin using turboDial, inbound calls can continue to operate in your business the same way they did before you installed turboDial.

The outbound calls you make with turboDial display a Caller ID to the person you call, so you should choose the Caller ID number carefully. That number will often be used for return calls and you will want to set it to the number you prefer to receive inbound calls on.

turboDial Inbound Call Service

You can also use turboDial to purchase and configure Inbound Phone Numbers, and those numbers can be configured to forward inbound calls to ring your current phones – see the guide in the section on Inbound Phone Numbers for full information on setting up Inbound Numbers and receiving calls through them.

The “Hosted Voice” upgrade in turboDial adds a large number of additional capabilities to your Inbound Numbers and Inbound Call Handling.

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