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turboDial Mobile (web): Steps to Launch & Call/SMS

On Android devices you must use the Chrome browser rather than the browser built-in to Android.

On both Android Chrome and iOS Safari you must have cookies enabled.

Video Overview:

Please follow these steps to launch and make a call or send a text:

  1. On your mobile device browse to https://turbodial.biz/tf/mob   – you will arrive at the Login screen
  2. Enter your Keap app name and your Keap ID email address. Enter either your Keap ID password or your password specific to turboDial, according to the type of password used in your turboDial account.
  3. On the Config screen, choose your preferred numbers in each category then press the Search button in the footer
  4. On the Search screen – enter a search query – for example entering “jo do” would find “John Doe” and other similarly named contacts.
  5. Choose the intended contact in the selector then press the Call button in the footer
  6. On the Call screen you can place a voice call or send an SMS. And you can save a note and a Call Outcome.
  7. Click the Search button in the footer to find another contact