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turboDial Mobile (web): Helpful Tips

  • On Android devices you must use the Chrome browser rather than the browser built-in to Android.On both Android Chrome and iOS Safari you must have cookies enabled.
  • The phone numbers you have configured in the turboDial PC/Mac app will be available in the Mobile app. This includes: Caller IDs, Calling Devices and SMS From IDs.
  • You can use turboDial Mobile (web) on your mobile device to make calls with that device, or make calls using another phone such as your desk phone. So, for example you could use an iPad at your kitchen table to orchestrate calls you make with your home phone.
  • If on the Config screen you set your Calling Device to be the smartphone you are currently using for turboDial Mobile (web), then when you start a Call your smartphone will receive an inbound call and the turboDial Mobile (web) screen will be hidden. When you answer that call turboDial will continue the call and begin ringing the intended contact. When you hangup the call the turboDial Mobile (web) screen will return.
  • When you launch turboDial Mobile (web) it may detect that your login and configuration are still valid from a previous login and skip ahead to a subsequent screen, such as the Config screen.
  • You can use the iOS or Android function to “Add to Home Screen” to have the turboDial Mobile (web) app easily accessible from the home screen.
  • On Android devices, don’t attempt to use the built-in Internet browser for turboDial – you must use Chrome.
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