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SMS Automated Conversations (Optional add-on)


SMS Automated Conversations is an optional add-on that provides automated Lead Capture via SMS. The upgrade option can be found in your turboDial Management Account.

Video Guide to Usage & Setup of SMS Automated Conversations

Watch this video to learn how to setup templates for your SMS Automated Conversations and associate those templates to Inbound Numbers in your turboDial account. You must be an Admin User in your turboDial account to access these tools.
Also be sure to read the sections below the video to learn about important updates.


The Slides associated with the video can be downloaded with the following link: SMS Automated Conversations – video

Addendum to the Video

There are 2 timer values mentioned in the video. Here are the current values for those timers.

  • Incomplete Conversations will timeout 30 hours after the last SMS is received from the prospect. You can use an Admin->Task Note Report in Infusionsoft to find Incomplete Conversations, but those Conversations are not emailed to you.
  • Completed Conversations will continue to associate additional incoming SMS messages from the prospect to the Conversation for 1 hour after the Conversation is Completed. Each additional SMS that arrives inbound after the Conversation is Completed will result in the latest copy of the Conversation emailed to your address.
Further Comments on Features

Tags vs API Goals: Note that you can setup an SMS Automated Conversation to trigger an API Goal at any step, and you can use the Goal to begin automation in your Infusionsoft account that will apply a tag, or anything else you need to do.
Across all of turboDial, whenever Campaign Builder automation is being triggered turboDial uses an API Goal, rather than apply a tag which is what many other apps do. We believe the API Goal method is more flexible and brings many advantages.

Supporting multiple Keywords on one Number: In some cases you may want to share a single inbound number for many different keywords. An example may be where you want a single inbound number to be used for many different “Home For Sale” signs, where the keyword is different for each different home.
This is OK, and you must configure all of those keywords into the same template, and you should install them on both the “New Contact” and the “Existing Contact” steps in the template. Then you can associate that template to the inbound number.

Copy ‘Existing Contact’ step from ‘New Contact’ step:  When you choose the ‘Existing Contact’ step in the SMS Automated Conversations setup tool you will see a “copy” button to the left of the selector. You can use that button to copy all settings from the New Contact step to the Existing Contact step. An example of when you may want to do that is when you have entered a large number of Keyword options in the New Contact step and you want to support those same Keywords for Existing Contacts.
Note that once you copy the settings you will almost always want to proceed to modify the values for the ‘SMS Reply’, ‘API Goal CallName’ and ‘Next Step’ in the Existing Contact step.

Example Conversation


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