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Including emojis in your SMS text messages – ☺

You can enter emojis in the outbound text messages you type into turboDial.

  • If you have a Mac you can access the emojis on your keyboard using CMD+CTRL and then hit the space bar.
  • For windows 10 see more info here. Keyboard access to emojis in other versions of Windows can vary – please search online for a method that works for your OS version.
  • Emoji’s can be copy-pasted from here.

Your inbound text messages can also contain emojis. Those emojis will appear in the body of the message you receive as an email.

Emojis in your inbound and outbound text messages will also appear in the message history on the “SMS View & Send” window that appears when you click the SMS button in turboDial. However, if turboDial is unable to translate an emoji it is replaced with ????.

The note record created for each inbound or outbound SMS will include special coding in the message body that allows the emoji to be displayed correctly – that coding will look similar to this: <span class=”emoji emoji1f606″>. If turboDial cannot translate the emoji it will appear in the note record as a series of question marks: ????.

Additional notes:

  • Emojis will not appear in the SMS alert that pops up in turboDial when you have the SMS alerting feature.
  • Emojis are not available for the automated SMS text messages you send using the Campaign SMS feature.
  • Emojis do not display inside any Infusionsoft page.
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