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Account Owners

The email address you provided when you signed up for turboDial is the Primary Account Owner for your turboDial account.

Please Note: Only the Primary Account Owner’s email address can be used to login to the turboDial Management Account at https://sd123.customerhub.net . The password for that account is provided in the “Account Info” email sent to the Primary Owner at the time of signup.

You may also add a Secondary Account Owner using the form in your turboDial Management Account at https://sd123.customerhub.net/configurationThe Secondary Account Owner will not be able to access the turboDial Management Account but will have full Admin privileges when they are logged into the turboDial panel.

The Primary Account Owner can retrieve their turboDial Management Account login and password using the form found at this link.

Special Note – Infusionsoft IDs

The email addresses you enter in your turboDial Management Account for the Secondary Account Owner and additional Users must be Infusionsoft ID email addresses. turboDial uses an Infusionsoft authentication process to validate your email address and password at the time you or your Users launch and login to the turboDial panel.

Repeating for clarity:
  • Your login to the turboDial Management Account uses the email address provided by the Primary Account owner when they signed up for turboDial, and a password that turboDial assigned to your account.
  • Logging in to the turboDial dialer panel is always accomplished with an Infusionsoft ID email address and the corresponding Infusionsoft ID password. When your Infusionsoft ID password expires you will not be able to login to turboDial until you have updated your password in Infusionsoft.
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