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Auto Email a Call Link

turboDial provides the capability to send a special link in an Infusionsoft campaign email. When the recipient of the email clicks the link it will open a window on your device where you can initiate a call via turboDial to a specific contact as specified in the link.

The device where the email is opened can be a PC, Mac or a mobile device. Supported mobile devices are those that run iOS with the Safari browser and Android with the Chrome browser.

Example Scenario

You have a web form that when submitted triggers an Infusionsoft sequence to begin. In that sequence you want to automatically send an email to an employee in your team with instructions to call that new lead.

One option you have is to merge the contact’s name and phone number into a campaign email to your employee and include instructions to call the new lead. The employee can use turboDial on their PC or smartphone to look up that lead and call them. But they may also choose to call the lead from their mobile phone.

But you can make it simpler for your employee to make that call: You can build a link in that email that your employee can use to place the phone call using turboDial, and a simple click of that link will open a page pre-set to call the lead and ready for the Call button to be clicked.

Here’s an example Quick Call Link page opened on a smartphone:

The Contact information is pre-set and your employee can select which contact phone number to call, which Caller ID to use and the Calling Device to make the call from. Usually the smartphone used to read the email is also the chosen as the Calling Device.

This Quick Call Link approach makes it more likely your employee will call the lead using turboDial, so you gain these benefits:

  • Control the Caller ID to be a phone number associated with your business and not the number of the device used to make the call
  • Automatically keep track of the call with a call note record attached to the contact record.
  • Record the call, if desired, and save the recording link in the call note record.
Building the Link in an Infusionsoft Email

The link you place in the body of the email will be constructed using merge fields.

Here’s what it will look like in the email you create:

https://turbodial.biz/tf/mob/quickLeadCall.php?app=<app name>&email=~Contact.Email~&contactId=~Contact.Id~&user=~Owner.Email~&record=0

You’ll want to use copy-paste to place that link into your Campaign email to avoid editing mistakes.

Explaining the fields in the Link

  • You must replace <app name> with your Infusionsoft app name. See this guide for help on finding your app name.
  • The contact’s email address is merged into the link using ~Contact.Email~
  • The contact record ID is merged in using ~Contact.Id~
  • If the employee you are sending the email to is also the ‘owner’ of the contact record then his/her email address can be merged in using ~Owner.Email~.
    Otherwise if they are not the contact owner you must directly enter the email address into the link using abc@123.com format.
  • The record=0 (that’s a zero) field designates you don’t need the call to be recorded. Change it to record=1 if you want the call recorded.

Here’s an example of the email created in the Infusionsoft email builder:

Here’s what that email looks like when an employee receives the email on their smartphone:

And here’s the page opened and ready for a call after the link has been clicked:

Important Reminders
  • You must set the ‘To’ address for the email to be sent to your employee and not to the contact!  And again, if the employee is the contact record owner then you can use a merge field to insert their email address.
  • You must not use the link creation tool in the Infusionsoft email builder to hide this link with link-text. Instead, just enter the link directly into the body of the email and the email reader tool your employee uses to read emails will make the link clickable.
    (However, if you are directly entering the user=  email address field rather than using a merge field then you can use the link creation tool to hide the link behind link-text)

The user=  field in the email link will identify the user assigned ownership for the call note record in Infusionsoft.  That user must be an authorized user of the turboDial Mobile App in your turboDial account.




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